What are distractor implants?

Have you heard of the term ‘distractor implants’? If not, read on. You may find it interesting.

I have not been blogging for a little while, instead I have been spending my time diving into Access Consciousness. Access Consciousness is about being totally conscious and function as a conscious being. It’s about living a life without judgement in everything we do.

I have to say Access Consciousness has taken me to a total new awareness, it is so exciting. I can talk about the numerous tools available from Access Consciousness, but I am going to focus on one of the tools today – Distractor Implants.

Wendy Saw Tap into Your Best Access Consciousness

So what is distractor implants?

A distractor implant is designed to be triggered by the events in your life and to create distractions. It distracts us from what is really going on, distractions from creation and possibilities. They keep you from being all that you can truly be and having the life you would truly like to have. They’re the reason we believe we have no choice in anything.

Distractor implants limit us and runs our lives. There are 20 distractor implants and they are anger, rage, fury, hate; blame, shame, regret, guilt; addictive, compulsive, obsessive, perverted points of view; love, sex, jealousy; peace; life, death, living, reality; fear, doubt; business and relationship.

Distractor Implants are like dogs chasing their tails. Chasing its tail keeps the dog very busy but it never gets anywhere.

Wendy Saw Tap Into Your Best Distractor Implants

Some of them you may question why they are distractors – peace, love, business, living etc. An distractor implant replaces living. For example: With business, a lot of people get to a point where they’re desperately trying to figure out how to do business. When you come from ‘figuring out how to do’ then there is a ‘right or wrong’ about it. We then sit in judgment about it. We’re not actually trying to create a business; rather we’re trying to get the business right. So they get into busi-ness in, and they work so hard that they don’t notice when they’re failing. That way business is replacing living instead of being a contribution.

Distractor Implants are like quicksand. The harder you fight it, the deeper you sink into it.

According to Gary Douglas, if we are trying to avoid someone’s anger, we actually possess it. We were trying to hold on it so it doesn’t get worst. It’s a losing battle as we can’t control anger and eventually it becomes a ‘no choice’ situation.

So what did Gary suggest to handle these distractor implants?

When you feel anger as an example, ask yourself if this anger belongs to you. According to Gary 99.999% of our anger or distractor implants are not ours. They are ‘learned’ behaviors, or mimic behaviors of others around us or emotions that we became aware in our environment (you pick up other’s emotions with your awareness) and you took it as yours.

What do you do next with the distractor implants?

You say this funny statement…

“Everything there is times a Godzillion I destroy and uncreate it all. Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.”

What does the clearing statement means?

Well, I shall talk about this clearing statement in my next blog, so stay tune.

In the meantime, are you willing to play when distractor shows up in your experience? Why not play around with the clearing statement and find out for yourself if there is any change when one of the distractor implants shows up in your experience?

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