I don't remember the last time I felt so happy and free to make my own destiny exactly what I want.

I finished our session feeling like I was on cloud 11! 

I can look back to my past without feeling angry... I can now look to a future with unlimited possibilities! I have been freed from my cement boots and I am flying to new horizons.

My husband was so inspired by the immediate change he noticed in me; he also went to see Wendy so we could  moving forward together in success.

Words cannot describe what I felt and went through in 2 short hours but it was life changing.

New doors have opened up everywhere for me, my business has never been so busy and new opportunities keep presenting themselves. The sky isn't my limit anymore, there is none!

The techniques Wendy showed me have continued to help after our session. 

I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone what truly wants to make any kind of change in their life for the better. This has been a life altering experience and I cannot wait for our next session.

Wendy's energy is very comforting and trustworthy, never have I felt so comfortable to discuss my most inner thoughts and feelings without worrying about judgement, because there was none.You just meet Wendy and you will want to tell her your deepest secrets, she truly has a gift!            ~C.D.




After the session I've noticed a positive change in the energy around me.

I'm lighter, calmer and open to more things around me.

If you're looking for something to expand your mind this may be the thing for you!   ~ J.G.




I had an amazing healing and clearing session with Wendy Saw. 

It's been transformational in so many ways. 

I feel empowered, loved and so open to allowing... 

An instant shift! 

Thanks and Love Wendy. ~ Z. A.





Exceptional (2)

Wendy and I discussed specifics around my money blocks.

During the hour, I felt the energy moving, I got hot and and let the energy do the work itself.

The next day I felt exceptional, I felt brand new and I felt new energy space.

I could see changes happening.

I started to see increase money flow around me.

I have since got 4 interviews lined up and started heading towards the path that I want to be on, my next career point. Thank you Wendy! ~ V.D.

VIP Day Experience

One of the most amazing experiences at this type of personal growth event, unlike many others...

A combination of energy body work and one on one coaching.

I highly recommend it for anyone looking for growth.

I have experienced things I have never experienced before mentally, physically and emotionally...

Since we had the VIP experience my life has a lot of ease in it... I highly recommend for everybody.    ~K.N.

VIP Day Experience

That was an absolutely amazing experience...

Broke down a lot of points of views and belief systems that were holding me back.

This is a month after the VIP day, it goes to show... this I can tell these changes are forever.

Thank you Wendy from the bottom of my heart. ~A.N.