Posted by Wendy Saw on August 11, 2015

Surrender-The Secret to Allowing Greater Outcomes

Do you think ‘surrender is the secret to allowing greater outcomes’? Or is there another better way to achieve success?   When I look up surrender in the dictionary, it says – To yield to power, to relinquish control, to give up completely in favor of another… Surrender means to relinquish control. Hmmm…It is definitely much easier

Posted by Wendy Saw on August 9, 2015

The Law of Distraction

Have you heard of the law of distraction? Yes you read it right, I did write the law of distraction and not the law of attraction. Well, read on… Well, if you have never heard of the law of distraction before, don’t be surprised. I first heard this law a few years ago, it was

Posted by Wendy Saw on August 7, 2015

Follow the comfortable path

If you have to choose, would you follow the comfortable path or the path of action?  Did you choose to follow the comfortable path? Or you choose the action path instead?…The answer you picked will tell a lot about you. Did you notice any conflicting emotion? Did you hear the voice saying you are ‘lazy’

Posted by Wendy Saw on August 4, 2015

5 everyday words that block your prosperity

Are you blocking your prosperity with your words? Do you believe if you change your language, you change your experience? Words create. Words have vibrations and our words create certain energies. Are there words that can block prosperity or create limitation in our life? I was taught the principle of conscious language when I first

Posted by Wendy Saw on July 31, 2015

The secret to happiness

Would it be nice if we all have the secret to happiness? What do you think is the ‘secret’? If I ask you to write “The Secret to Happiness”, what would you say? Would you say it is attitude that creates happiness? Or habits? Life satisfaction?… Hmmmm… Attitude determines altitude, but does it determine happiness