Have you been searching for answers, looking for a new direction and wondering what is available beyond your current experience?

You are working to create a new level of success.

You’ve been studying self-help books…

You’ve been attending personal development webinars and events…

You work hard daily…

Yet, you are exhausted and bored with work

You are frustrated and not feeling fulfilled

You don’t find the success promised in the webinars and events you attended

You are asking, “Will I ever be able to make money doing what I love?"...

"What is my calling?"...

"Do I have what it takes?”

Why would you feel frustrated with the result, in spite of all your learnings and hard work?

This is because you are unaware of the beliefs that have been holding the same action in place.

Knowing the principles doesn’t equal ‘BE-ing’.

BE-ing is living in unconscious competence - like how you type freely without looking at the keyboard

Albert Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

So in order to create a different result, we have to think DIFFERENT.





There are basically two choices.

You can keep going with the way you are doing things

► Continue to tolerate and settle for less in life
► Live in the cycle of drama and trauma (feast or famine)
► Run yourself to the ground spinning your wheels
► Playing small with you and your career / business

Or... You can do something about it...

Are you ready to look at all your limitations and judgements that have been holding you back?

Are you open to go beyond what you are familiar and explore new possibilities?

Discover New Possibilities

What are you willing to do to receive MORE in life?

There are times we require support and assistance to create the next venture in life.

Have you been asking the Universe for a sign and the resources to take your life, business and relationships to the next level?...

Guess what?... Here it is.

One on One Coaching with Wendy is an opportunity to see beyond the fluffs and get to the core of the mindset has been holding you back in life.

You will experience potent energy clearing that permanently destroys lifetimes of limitations and blocks.

You will experience the change and the result for yourself.

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Game Changing Mindset

A private 1 on 1 program to discover what works for you and to create Success in life with EASE

The program:

Highly personalized program designed to your specific needs.

• Together with Wendy, you will decide the content to be covered in the course of the coaching

Coaching Session

a) 1 on 1 weekly or bi-weekly (60mins) to discover, identify, eradicate beliefs and limitations that hindered you creating the result in your business, personal life or relationships.

b) Tools to handle day to day situation, re-program the mind to a new way of Be-ing, changing old patterns creating new breakthroughs - avoiding falling into the rabbit hole.

c) ‘Creating the future Today Skill-set’ - Tools to work with new awareness to create daily new strategies that work for you.

d) Recording of the session to strengthen your understanding.

e) Personalized energetic audio clearing for night time use to deepen the clearing.

Email support for any question that may arise.

Quarterly review on content and progress

• This program NOT a quick fix. It is a re-training of the entire way of BE-ing.

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