How to create result with every choice you make?

How to create result with every choice you make?

Creating result with every choice we make? Is it possible?

Well, let me ask you this… How many times do you put the cart before the wheels when you make decision? What do I mean…?

How many times do you decide what is ‘required’ in order for you to create the outcome you desire? Say you like to travel to Italy… What do you think first?

How much money it requires? Or can I have the time off?

You keep asking what is required ‘in order’ for you to make the trip… At the end, you give up on the idea because you can’t see the possibility.

It appears logical that we need to consider all that is ‘required’ before making any decision or commitment. However, is this how it works with the universe?

You know the law of attraction is always at work according to what you believe.

What if there is no ‘figure out’ when we work with the law of the universe?

What if creation begins with making a choice FIRST? Everything else is a lie or stories we make up to justify why our ‘conclusion’. We bought the stories or numbers we crunched as the truth and STOP ourselves from moving forward.

What if all the ‘steps’ comes AFTER you decide you are going for it?

We have heard amazing stories about people creating ‘miracles’ after they decide to ‘go for it’. We also know very well that none of the numbers we crunch will ever turn out exactly, as things change when we take a step forward.

How to create result with every choice you make-

Here is my new way of making decision?

  1. Make it FUN with no attachment to the outcome. I simply ask the question “What would it take for me to ______. Fill in the blank. An example here is ‘What would it takes for me to take a trip to Italy this summer?’
  2. Then I ask myself what I am NOT willing to be or do to make this a reality?

You see, the only reason why we don’t have what we say we desire is because we are not willing to have it. Sounds contradicting isn’t it? Well, we have all seen or heard miracles where situation appear impossible but it happened anyway. The difference is in the decision and the willingness to do whatever it takes. The commitment to be, do and have. So, when we find out what we are NOT willing to be, do or have, it is much easier to course correct instead of going in ‘blind’. Nothing beats looking at what we are not willing square in the eyes and address it. We avoid all the stories we create to justify why it didn’t happen.

  1. The third step is simple. Keep asking, course correct and take action daily until it happens.

Choice Creates Awareness

What do you think?

Do you think this will assist you in creating results you choose?

Are you going to put it to test?

What would your life be like if you are willing to be, do and have whatever it takes to create the result you are choosing?

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