How Different Can You Be?

How different can you be today? 

I woke up with this question in my head, ‘What do I have to do different that will create the result I am choosing?’. Notice how I say ‘different’ and not differently?

It is a very different energy between the two words. Can you perceive it? Different means its a 180 degree change, differently is perhaps 10 degree, or maybe 20 degree?

How different can you be today depends not on what you do. It is ALL depends on how you choose to BE first. After all lets not forget we are human Being and not human Doing. When we be, then everything falls in place. There is no forcing to get up early, no dragging our body to exercise, it becomes a choice. There is a collaboration within our entire mind, body and spirit working together as one.

Your can change your world by simply asking How different can you be today?

The difficulty and challenge comes only when there is a separation. If the mind says one thing, the body choose another and the spirit waiting patiently for its acknowledgment.

How Different Can You BE-

You have heard ‘Success is only a decision away.’ If it is only about a decision, why wouldn’t we all be creating our desired outcome now? After all, aren’t we making decision daily? I am sure there is no one who wants to be broke, struggling and sick…

Well, I can go onto to say about the lack of commitment to the decision… You know? the famous ‘New Year Resolution’ that is forgotten in day 10.

I too am guilty of the New Year Resolution experience. This is also the very reason I decided to cut my tie to resolution. Actually, can you notice the energy of the word? It is a last resort, no other choice but to resolve to it. Hmmmm, I don’t like this energy.

Why would I go into something that is grand with an energy of no choice? Life is ALL about choices. Even not making a choice is a choice, so how can it be with an energy of last resort?


My mind clicked with the word DIFFERENT when I came to understand its meaning and energy. When I asked the question ‘How different can you be today?‘ My mind begins to search for an answer that will create a different result. An entirely new picture, not a picture that looks similar or with slight modification. So if you were heading south, your mind will now explore north. If you were used to doing your work at the desk, your body will explore the possibility of having a laptop on your lap while sitting in your bed (like what I am doing now?). There is no judgement of what is right or wrong, or what you have been told about not setting up a proper environment for work etc. The mind is simply looking for a different solution!

How different are you willing to be today?

It is when we let go of all our frame of reference or judgement that we can create new possibilities. The willingness to throw out everything created and start fresh. Suddenly, it becomes exciting again. Our mind likes it, our body likes it, it is new, it is fun.

Different is fun, different is refreshing, different is new. When you are having fun and excitement, what do you think will happen to your creation? So how different can you be to create a fun exciting experience for you today?

So it is with this new exciting energy that I invite you to ask yourself this question daily, hourly, whenever you find yourself start feeling stuck. 

What can I do different now that would create (the result) I am choosing?

How different can you be today?

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