Do you find yourself wondering how you can increase your business revenue? 

You’ve been studying self-help books…

You’ve been attending self-help webinars and events…

You work hard daily…

Yet, you are not seeing the result with your hard work.

You are frustrated with the inconsistent results your produce.

You don’t find the success promised in the webinars and events you attended.

You are tired of spinning your wheels creating similar result year after year.

You are asking, “How do I create positive consistent result knowing I am skilled & fully qualified?”

You begin to question if you have what it takes to 'make it'.

Why would you feel frustrated with the result, in spite of all your learnings and hard work?

This is because you are unaware of the beliefs that have been holding the same action in place.

Knowing the principles doesn’t equal ‘BE-ing’.

BE-ing is living in unconscious competence - like how you tie your shoelace without even looking at it.

You will continue to create a ‘familiar’ result until you identify and eradicate the limiting beliefs.

The way to switch off your autopilot to default behaviors is to switch on your CHOICE mode.

It is through choice that we create awareness and from this awareness you discover new possibilities.

How can you create a new reality if you have limiting beliefs holding you back and blocking your perspective?










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 Game Changer Entrepreneurial Mindset

A private 1 on 1 program to personal growth & discover your truths to create Success with EASE

The program:

Highly personalized program designed to your specific needs.

• Together with Wendy, you will decide the content to be covered in the course of the coaching

Coaching Session

a) 1 on 1 weekly or bi-weekly (60mins) to discover, identify, eradicate beliefs and limitations that hindered you creating the result in your business, personal life or relationships.

b) Tools to handle day to day situation, re-program the mind to a new way of living - avoiding falling into the rabbit hole.

c) ‘Creating the future Today Skill-set’ - Tools to work with new awareness to create daily new possibilities.

d) Recording of the session to strengthen your understanding.

e) Personalized energetic audio clearing for night time use to deepen the clearing.

Email support for any question that may arise.

Quarterly review on content and progress

• This program NOT a quick fix. It is a re-training of the entire way of BE-ing.

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