Celebration of a new beginning… Every day…

Don’t you just get excited about new beginnings? Like the purchase of a new home, a new career opportunity, marriage, new addition to your family… I do. I love the excitement and hope that comes with a new beginning.

I have always been like a little girl when it comes to New Year. I have this ritual of writing my goals and planning for the New Year. I have been doing this for about 5 or 6 years now. It was not a conscious effort but somehow I seem to have developed a habit over the years. New Year means a celebration of a new beginning and new opportunity to me.

The best thing is I have two celebrations a year!… I celebrate Chinese New Year as well.

In our tradition, we have a lot of customary rituals like cleaning the entire home, getting rid of the old, replacing with new – new bed sheets, new clothes, new slippers, new shoes etc…  Tonight, I feel like a little girl all over again. The excitement is stirring and bubbling. It’s not about the ritual; it is about the symbolic meaning behind it. However, the reality is we can always start NEW any day, any time. We don’t need to wait for New Year, a new job or a crisis to start new.

Every night when we go to bed, it is a new opportunity for use to start anew the next morning. A new page, a new beginning… every day.

Celebration of a new beginning-Every day | Wendy Saw | Tap Into Your Best

So how do we make sure we are not rehashing yesterday?

How do we make sure we are not dragging yesterday’s baggage to a new day?

Here are a few things you can do to help

  1. Do not read newspaper or watch news on television before going to bed. I mean not even an hour or two prior to bedtime. You see, you bring whatever you watch before bed into your mind and continue running those information during your sleep. You don’t want to ‘program’ your mind with negative messages before bed. This is a sure way of having poor sleep and when we are tired, we tend to become negative. So avoid TV before bed.
  1. Do meditation or visualization of ‘dropping’ all the challenges of the day before retiring. I am not someone who meditates very well; however, I practice a little visualization when I take a shower at night. I simply visualize all the ‘challenges/stuff’ of the day being washed away by the water during my shower. If you can see color, you visualize the ‘stuff’ in its color and see the water ‘wash’ them away. You can finish by visualizing a positive renewing energy entering your energy field bringing in a new beginning.
  1. I sometimes use affirmations instead. Declaring to myself a closure to the day and instructing my mind to drift off to a peaceful rested sleep. You can make up the affirmations any way you like… or if you prefer you can search YouTube to get some ideas for the affirmations. However, I do feel it is best you create your own affirmations, it doesn’t have to be ‘elegant’, it only needs to be sincere and meaningful to you.

Celebration of a new beginning-Every day | Wendy Saw | Tap Into Your Best

So, are you going to try one of these suggestions? Or better yet, do you practice something different? Would you care to share? I would love to hear from you.

Well, in a hour, it would be our New Year Day. I am looking forward to my new beginning of the year of the Goat. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous year of the Goat!

Celebration of a new beginning-Every day | Wendy Saw | Tap Into Your Best

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