Are you paying attention to your choice of words?


Are you paying attention to your choice of words? Do you really understand the meaning of your words that you use daily?

English is not my first language and I will be the last person to say I am excellent in my vocabulary. It was not until recently that I truly pay attention to the words I use and start asking myself if I understand the meaning behind the words I use. Or I am simply copying others and ‘sort of guess’ the meaning of the words.

Let your words serve you

by paying attention to your choice of words


Did you know the meaning of words were changed intentionally in order to be able to better influence our mind. If you have a dictionary printed prior to 1946, you will find certain words have different meanings in dictionary printed prior to 1946 and after 1946.

An example here is the word ‘want’. In dictionary printed prior to 1946, it had 27 definitions which mean ‘to lack’ and one which means ‘to desire’. In today’s dictionary, the meaning of want is ‘to desire’

Have you heard spiritual people using the word ‘manifest’ quite readily. I look up the meaning of the word…┬áit has the meaning of ‘to prove’, to make evident to the eye.

Personally, I used to use the word ‘manifest’ quite frequent. I was simply following others. The word seems to be popular among certain group of individuals.

Your choice of words can speed up your creation time

Now that I look up the meaning of ‘manifest’ I am choosing not to use that word. As I am not proving… (the result – money, success etc), I am not making evident to the eye… I am here to ‘create’ the result (money or success) in my life. I feel creation is more align with I am to achieve.

I Choose

By simply paying attention to our words, we can easily influence our result. Reason? Our subconscious and the universe is picking up on the energy of our words not the ‘meaning’ we created. Our words can either pull our goal closer or push it farther away from us.

Lets be conscious of our action and words to create our choice of life with total ease.

What energy, space and consciousness can your body and you be to be in total consciousness in words and actions?

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